Fish is good for you. The FDA recommends that we eat several servings a week. But what about the the over fished natural fish stocks, mercury levels in seafood and the effect of commercial fishing on the environment? How are you supposed to eat something that’s supposedly good for you without decimating the species or giving yourself mercury poisoning?

The answer is all about arming yourself with information. Below are the links for three hand fish guides- you can search by region, name, how damaging the fishing is to a particular ecosystem. There’s also a printable chart that fits in your wallet (perfect for when you’re standing at the fish counter or staring at the menu, trying to remember if it’s the Alaskan Salmon or Halibut you’re only supposed to have a few times a month) and a service that you can text message with questions about what fish to buy.

Enjoy- and happy eating! a site maintained by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They’re the ones with the pocket guide. for the text message service (called FishFone). Send a text with the name of the fish, and within seconds you’ll receive a short summary of the fish’s health and environmental info, as well as other options. all about the benefits of eating fish! Plus a long list of safe fish to eat and a health alert list for fish that may have contamination issues.