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On ASU’s scrolling banner was a story about all the journalistic activities going down in the Cronkite Building on Election night. It talked about all the faculty, students and expert commentators on hand.

But the best part? A prop out to the LIVElect blog!

From the article:

Leslie-Jean Thornton’s first-year new media graduate students fanned out to newsrooms around the building. Some ran LiveElect, a “live blog” featuring breaking news reports, photos and links, augmented by a Twitter feed with short breaking news messages sent to and from phones and computers.
What, you haven’t checked out LIVElect, our live-blogging, live-twittering, live-flickring encapsulation of Election night? No worries- check it here.



Last semester I was managing editor for a magazine called Healing, a new publication to be collaborated on by students and faculty from the College of Design, Journalism, and Nursing departments.

It was my first experience creating a magazine, and I loved it.

(To see an online version of the biofeedback story, click here.)


Photo by Michelle Smythe

Photo by Michelle Smythe

I wrote two stories for Healing– one on a new biofeedback procedure ASU is developing to help stroke patients, and a long feature that looked at the increase of natural healing practices patients and doctors have begun turning to. The part I was looking forward to most was to have the magazine published. The though of seeing my name and work in print, and have two pieces for my portfolio, was exciting.

The magazine was supposed to be printed this past spring, but a series of unfortunate events have caused delays, and now massive budget cuts in the school have forced the magazine to be reduced in pages. Ergo, I do not yet have links for the full mag and my two pieces.

Sometime in November I should be able to post my pieces and have published copies.  Here’s hoping.