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What has been interesting for those of us who find new mediums interesting are the visual creations crafted to show the literal change in language, culture and faces in our Presidents from 1789-2009.


For example, the New York Times did a brilliantly simple and clean interactive graphic on all the Inaugural Addresses– rather than reading each speech word for word, the word clouds allow you to see the lexicon that was used during that time in history, and what issues the President felt were important enough to address. The President’s faces create a time line, and additional information is provided on each one. It’s really quite fun.

Another medium, this time through Youtube, shows the morphing faces of the 44 U.S. Presidents. While not as sleek as and obviously not professionally produced like the NYT piece, these graphics deserve more than a quick brush-off: they’re educational and engaging of the senses. They quickly show us the relevant information in a much more absorbable way than say, a dryly written textbook.