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I came across this link in my email- is one of the few sites that gives you the nutrition analysis of the meal recipes they send out as healthy. In my opinion, you can’t get any better than vegetables, and a good balsamic can make so many good thing oh-so-yummy.


In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

This book is an easily digestible, no-nonsense way to look at the simple way to eat food and stay healthy.

Pollan dismisses the academic, FDA and scientific research that has told us what’s good to put on our plates and what’s not. Given that the pronouncements of research have changed drastically over time and, in probably his biggest critique, has become beholden of the food processing industry (and thus geared to sell more cheap food-like substances that are nutritionally devoid), Pollan lists simple rules for eating well without dealing with the mess of the latest health fads.

Simple Rules:
1. Eat food. But you’re thinking, I already do! I mean, I’m not eating rocks or bacon at every meal…. But according to Pollan, most of the packages and products we find in the grocery stores are in fact not food, but processed food-like substances that are in fact food farce. Solution? Stick to farmer’s markets, CSAs, and the perimeter of the grocery store- where the fresh fruit and veggies are.

2. Don’t eat too much. Make your eating mindful, and don’t gorge.

3. East mostly plants. This includes the obvious fruits and veggies, but also whole grains. We, as well as the meat we eat (if you happen to be an omnivore) are healthier when the majority of the diet is a diverse selection fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

Read this book for a fun and well-researched answer to what to put on your dinner table. At 200 pages, it’s a quick yet surprisingly informative read